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“China Clipper is a terrific read! It's accurate, fast moving and filled with surprises; perfect for young people interested in history and aviation.”

Walter J. Boyne, Best Selling Author, Former Director, National Air & Space Museum, and enshrined in National Aviation Hall of Fame.

"China Clipper is a thrill ride. The action and perils never stop as young Nick Grant faces attacks on his life and his reputation while he helps Pan Am test its new plane. And his problems continue at school where he deals with anger and prejudice while making new friends. It's an exciting way to learn about a fascinating time in our history!"

Ann Marie Martin, Huntsville Times book columnist and copy editor

"The popular Nick Grant series continues with China Clipper, a fast-moving, fun tale of adventure, flying boats, spies, and the sea. I love this series!"

Homer Hickam, author of Rocket Boys/October Sky

“Once again, Jamie Dodson has written a book chock full of skullduggery, history, and inclusion of the human impact. The story line and plot is riveting, leaving one with the urge to jump hurriedly into the next chapter, and looking forward to the next book of the series. Jamie’s concise and colorful writing style is a pleasure to read.”

Rev. Evan G. Butterbrodt, Rev. Evan G. Butterbrodt, Renowned MS Flight Sim Flying Boat Pilot, Minister, author, and newspaper columnist, from Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas

“Nick Grant’s adventures continue in China Clipper as the pace, and the action quickens. Working part time for Pan American Airways, Nick battles Imperial Japanese agent, Lieutenant Commander Miyazaki. Miyazaki continues his quest to thwart US and Pan Am Pacific goals and also attempts to steal US aviation technology. Dodson based his story on actual events and provides excellent realism. The danger escalates after Nick saves the China Clipper from destruction, and then discovers that Miyazaki has targeted his family for retribution."  

Annie Laura Smith is the author of The Legacy of Bletchley Park, Will Paris Burn? and Saving da Vinci for middle grades and up.  Cavalaire Prelude for young adults will be published in 2010

In 1935, America is looking for heroes. Amelia Earhart, Charles Lindbergh, and Howard Hughes are heroes to some.  But the real heroes are the honest, hard-working people; the ordinary folks who do the extraordinary when called upon.  Nick Grant is just such a hero. From the first page of China Clipper I was on a white-knuckled ride through paradise with Nick, Leilani, and the evil Japanese spy Miyazaki.  I can’t wait for the movie!

C. M. Fleming, Author of Finder’s Magic

"Action-packed and full of intrigue, the China Clipper transports you to a fascinating time in America's biography with its loving attention to historical accuracy.”

-- Rich Pearce and Ken Story, Authors of “Dorkman"


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