"Decades before the space race with the Soviet Union, the United States was in a race with the Japanese to control the air routes across the Pacific. It was a time of intrigue and adventure."

Ann Marie Martin, The Huntsville Times. All rights reserved

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"Half Way Across

 the Pacific"

by Ben Stahl

Original Cover Art

"Clipper Arrives in Paradise"

by Keith Ferris

Original Cover Art

"S-42 Hong Kong Clipper Airborne"

by Andy Whyte

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from a 1937 Pan Am Promotional Brochure

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"Delightful! Flying Boats & Spies is a welcome return to a glamorous age of high-adventure and heroes--and a tribute to the grand-adventure series of yesteryear. Rollicking and great fun, this well-told tale of international intrigue should appeal to every generation in a family. I look forward to future volumes in this series."

Ralph Peters, author of
Wars Of Blood And Faith

“Flying Boats and Spies is a marvelous tale of the men and women who pioneered the sky during an adventurous era.  Dodson takes his readers back to those great, old days when aviation was young and nothing seemed impossible.  Reading Flying Boats and Spies made me feel like a boy all over again.”

Homer Hickam, author of Rocket Boys/October Sky, and The Ambassador's Son

“China Clipper is a terrific read! It's accurate, fast moving and filled with surprises; perfect for young people interested in history and aviation.”

Walter J. Boyne, Best Selling Author, Former Director, National Air & Space Museum, and enshrined in National Aviation Hall of Fame.

"Action-packed and full of intrigue, the China Clipper transports you to a fascinating time in America's biography with its loving attention to historical accuracy.”

Rich Pearce and Ken Story, Authors of Dorkman

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